When justice isn’t blind

Our founders escaped a monarchy. Monday, the Supreme Court decided we could be one ourselves.

We have to be honest about what’s happening, as hard as it is to watch. The country is changing, and it’s changing FAST.

Just a week ago, the biggest story in the news was Rep. Jamaal Bowman losing his primary.

In the last seven days, the Supreme Court gave themselves the power to obstruct federal agencies from following and implementing laws passed by Congress. They decided the president can be a modern dictator. They decided states can make homelessness a crime.

Yes, the punishment for sleeping on a park bench is greater than the punishment for using the presidency to attempt a coup.

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve talked about these changes as a threat connected to Donald Trump’s re-election. This is the start of the same fascism and authoritarianism promised by Project 2025, but it’s already here thanks to the Supreme Court. 

Take a moment to try and really understand how grave the situation is. 

Everything that Project 2025 and Donald Trump have promised for next year is possible: mass arrests of protesters, sending our troops into U.S. cities to hunt for immigrants, criminalizing people like me for being LGBT…

Democracy is collapsing before our eyes. It’s no longer a question of if it will impact you and your family. It’s just a matter of when.

Our path forward is still unclear. We don’t know if Congress has a way to fix what’s happened, but they’re trying. 

As I write this, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is preparing articles of impeachment for the Federalist Society’s justices. If I were in Congress, you know how I’d vote.

We just celebrated Independence Day, but how much longer will we call ourselves independent?

I know that “democracy is at stake” can get old, but it’s true. We are about to see a lot of “last times” in our country. This election may even be the last chance for candidates like me to run for Congress.

When I win in November, I will do whatever I can to hold the Supreme Court accountable, to stop the dark money donors who have bought our courts and Republicans in Congress, and to buy us enough time to restore democracy.

Less than a decade ago, we were a free country without Donald Trump. I truly hope we can be one again.