The War on Women is Here

The War on Women is Here

A graphic featuring a headline from Boise State Public Radio, dated July 7th, 2023, which reads: “Idaho dissolves maternal mortality review committee, as deaths remain high.” Included is a black and white photo of a pregnant woman lying on a hospital bed holding her stomach.

The overturning of Roe v. Wade effectively made women second-class citizens – and the onslaught of oppressive legislation that has arisen all across the country was only the beginning.

We know that access to reproductive healthcare is about so much more than the right to an abortion. The post-Dobbs laws in states like Idaho makes care for miscarriages and other life-or-death situations virtually unavailable. 

So, it’s no surprise – maternal deaths are on the rise. This is directly correlated to the end of Roe and the medical providers who have been sent running in fear that they could be criminalized for doing their jobs.

Here in Idaho, the Republican government has women’s blood on their hands. The Idaho state government recently decided to disband the Maternal Mortality Review Committee. This is in spite of the post-Dobbs spike in pregnancy-related deaths, and in spite of the US having one of the worst rates in the world. 

Idaho is now the ONLY state in the country without a board designed to review and address maternal mortality. This decision to simply end critical research on how to save women’s lives is an abomination that lays bare the lie that the GOP is, in any way, a pro-life party.

If Republicans get their way in Congress and pass a federal ban on abortion, the nightmare we’re facing in Idaho would go nationwide.

I’m running to flip ID-02 to make sure that doesn’t happen. It is urgent that Democrats fight for every single seat, because lives are on the line.

Together, we can create an America that prioritizes and protects the needs of its people.

I’m grateful to have you with me.