The fight to save Social Security is not over

The fight to save Social Security is not over

For months now we have repeatedly raised the alarm about Republicans’ not-so-secret plot to slash Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Our friends at Social Security Works organized a nationwide movement to stop them, and over half a million Americans – including MANY of you – signed on.

Alex Lawson, the Executive Director of Social Security Works, delivered your signatures to Congress personally a few days ago – and they arrested him.

When I heard the final number of signatures I was blown away, and I am so proud that our campaign took part in this historic effort.

But our fight is not over.

The same day Alex took our petition to Congress, the House passed the Fiscal Commission Act – a bill designating a secret committee to dismantle our benefits behind closed doors.

Worse? Republicans renewed their threat to tie Social Security cuts to the next must-pass spending bill, with a new deadline of March 1st and 8th.

Here’s what to expect next:

The GOP’s backroom, closed-door committee (aided by a handful of Democrats, I’m sad to say) will meet over the coming weeks and line out all the ways they plan to slash our hard-earned benefits while passing on even more tax breaks to their wealthy donors.

Then they plan to force those cuts through as part of the next spending bill – threatening once again to shut down the federal government if Republicans don’t get their way.

We have to make sure every single member of Congress knows that we will NOT stand for ANY cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid. And any congressperson who tries to cut our benefits will be voted out in November.

We wouldn’t even be in this position if my opponent had not repeatedly stood by the most extreme members of his party – including his vote for Speaker Mike Johnson, who has called to raise the retirement age and make us all work until we die!

Bottom line? Republicans will never stop trying to cut Social Security. I’m running for Congress to protect our benefits and expand them.

The Biden administration called this bill a ‘Death Panel’ for Social Security – and that’s exactly what it is.

Republicans called their new committee a “fiscal commission” tasked with “fiscal responsibility and reform” – but these are just a bunch of pretty words to hide another round of tax breaks for the rich and powerful while slashing the benefits you and I have worked all our lives for.

This secret committee will meet completely out of sight from public accountability – and they’re hoping none of us notice.

But a vote for this fiscal commission is a vote to cut Social Security and Medicare, full stop. And we will NOT forget it in November.

Thank you for your support,