Statement on Chinese Communist Party Espionage Claims

October 25, 2022

October 25, 2022


Idahoans should be concerned about latest developments with China


The next Senator from Idaho should protect American Small Business entrepreneurs instead of appeasing “Made-In-China Producers” working on behalf of Communist Chinese Party (CCP) interests.

The Department of Justice has revealed that CCP espionage operatives were trying to steal Intelligence to undercut American businesses, corrupt a federal investigation into Huawei, and engaged in a years-long campaign of threats and harassment to force a U.S. resident to return to China. We cannot trust the CCP Xi government to honor their word or engage fairly in commerce with the United States.

And yet, Senator Crapo continually tries to appease the Chinese Communist Party. To that end, he wrote legislation to undercut President Trump’s 301 Trade Tariffs to protect America. President Biden has not removed the same 301 Tariffs for good reason. They help American producers.  Crapo even wanted to go a step further by refunding the tariffs that had been collected.  Over $100 billion.

But Senator Crapo was willing to write legislation allowing any Chinese importer to claim they were harmed without evidence. The U.S. would be forced to prove complex and expensive cases to defend our own domestic producers.

This legislation that Senator Crapo wrote would leave the Trump 301 Tariffs in the hands of the World Trade Organization in Geneva. Only with their blessing could they be used again.

To be clear, Senator Crapo prioritized importers’ contracts with Chinese producers over U.S. law and domestic producers.

I don’t answer to the CCP.

I will defend Idahoan producers and work to increase opportunities for Idaho’s citizens.
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