Mike Simpson gets an F

Mike Simpson gets an F

Recently, the Alliance for Retired Americans released their 2023 Congressional Scorecard for how our representatives vote on issues that impact seniors.

My opponent, Mike Simpson failed on EVERY vote.

In 2023 alone, Simpson voted to:

❌CUT programs for seniors

❌BLOCK pandemic protections for elderly Americans

❌SLASH funding for nutrition and food security for seniors

❌CUT Social Security benefits via the Fiscal Commission

...and a whole lot more.

On every single vote, Simpson voted AGAINST the needs of America’s seniors.

The ARA releases this voting record every year, and Simpson repeatedly and consistently fails to stand up for our parents and grandparents.

Republicans like Mike Simpson are willing to slash Social Security benefits and let seniors go hungry so that their wealthy donors can keep a few extra bucks. And if the GOP gets their way, they will jack up the retirement age so high that all of us will have to work until we die.

Last cycle I was the only federal candidate from Idaho endorsed by the Alliance for Retired Americans. I intend to earn their support again, and to work with them to protect our seniors from Congress.