Hospitals are turning away pregnant women

The consequences of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade are still piling up and doing harm to countless women across the country.

In March it was forced C-sections in Louisiana, women who were forced to undergo an invasive, dangerous surgery after having a miscarriage because of the state’s ban on abortion. 

Now pregnant women are being turned away from emergency rooms, even when they aren’t seeking an abortion.

In Florida, a hospital had security escort a woman out because she was worried about her pregnancy. The next day, she miscarried.

A Texas emergency room turned away a pregnant woman experiencing severe pain. She had a miscarriage in the hospital’s restroom moments later.

An emergency room in North Carolina refused to do an ultrasound on a woman who felt something was off. She gave birth in her car later that day. The baby didn’t make it.

From coast to coast, women are being subjected to unnecessary pain and refused treatment for pregnancy complications. But the hospitals aren’t to blame. Republicans like Mike Simpson are. 

Federal law requires hospitals to treat patients who are in active labor or having a medical emergency. If they don’t, they face massive fines and can lose federal funding. But thanks to GOP-controlled states’ extreme abortion bans, hospitals are taking the risk.

States like Idaho and Texas have made performing an abortion a felony, even in cases where the expectant mother’s life is in jeopardy. Hospitals are forced to choose between paying fines for refusing service and breaking the law or putting their doctors’ lives and careers on the line.

This should not be the new normal, but Republicans won’t stop until this extremism becomes national law. That’s exactly what will happen if they pass the Life at Conception Act that my opponent co-sponsored.

What’s happening to women in Idaho, Texas, Florida, and every other state with an abortion ban is an example of America at its worst. A truly free country does not prosecute doctors, deny women necessary medical care, or put politics before people. But Idaho’s push to keep emergency rooms a nightmare for pregnant women made its way to the Supreme Court this month.

The “pro-life” party is letting this happen because they don’t care about women. Most of them don’t even care about abortion. 

They only care about controlling lives and winning votes from the religious extremists who would sacrifice as many women as they have to in order to force their ideology on the rest of us.