40 years and a son’s revenge

40 years and a son’s revenge

We need to talk about a sketchy Supreme Court justice, and this time, I don’t mean Clarence Thomas.

I’m talking about Neil Gorsuch – and his mother.

41 years ago a fanatical, far-right administrator heading up the Environmental Protection Agency laid the framework to undo every federal regulation that protects everyday Americans. SCOTUS stopped these shenanigans with what became known as the Chevron doctrine.

Now, her son sits on that same SCOTUS bench, and he’s here to finish the job.

Justice Neil Gorsuch is as corrupt as they come, and his life-long loyalty to a Republican party determined to dismantle the federal government has never been in doubt.

Right now, SCOTUS is hearing two cases that will completely DERAIL the ability of any federal agency to protect the interests of American families – if these justices-for-hire rule the way their bankrollers want them to.

Anne Gorsuch served as head of the EPA under Ronald Reagan, where she slashed and burned so many regulations protecting clean air and water that Congress held her in contempt and forced her resignation.

For 40 years, the SCOTUS ruling that came down just after her removal, Chevron USA, Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, has upheld our regulations and allowed our civil servants to do their jobs to protect everyday Americans from another Anne Gorsuch.

But across those same four decades, corporations fought tooth and nail to dismantle ‘the Chevron doctrine’ and clear the way for the total anarchy of unregulated, crony capitalism.

And it all may now be undone by a far-right supermajority on a packed Supreme Court – led by Justice Neal Gorsuch, sitting in a stolen seat, and finishing his mother’s destructive legacy.

I don’t need to tell you that our Supreme Court is suffering from a crisis of legitimacy. From luxury vacations and outright bribes paid by billionaire benefactors, to handsome stock portfolios built on the backs of the cases they decide, all the way to fast-tracked careers straight into the halls of power – the stench of corruption reeking from today’s Supreme Court is impossible to ignore.

Democrats in Congress have a solution. The Judicial Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act is a judicial code of ethics and standards of conduct that would hold Supreme Court justices to the same ethical standards as anyone else in a position of public trust.

When I serve in Congress, I will fight to pass the Judicial Ethics Act and pursue every means within our legislative power to expand the Supreme Court and break the right-wing supermajority.

No more weekend getaways on private jets with billionaires. No more high-paying lobbying jobs for friends and family in exchange for whispering in the justice’s ear. No more Wall Street insider trading on secret knowledge of Supreme Court business.

It’s time we remind SCOTUS that they serve the PEOPLE, not the other way around.

Your future congressman,

David Roth