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    It's time for a change

    For too long politics has been more about politicians than those of us here in the REAL world.  While those in power argue back and forth about issues that have little affect on our daily lives, important legislation never sees the light of day.  Who pays the price for that?  We do!

    Policy positions

    • Women's Rights
    • Healthcare
    • LGBTQ Issues
    • Immigration
    • Opioids
    Portrait of female doctor explaining diagnosis to her patient.
    Women's Rights

    A woman has the right to make her own healthcare decisions.

    Close-up of young woman's hand holding birth control pills
    Women'r Rights

    We must protect access to safe, effective, and affordable contraception.

    Women's Rights

    We must do more to close the pay gap.


    Control costs for medications.

    Health Care

    We must strengthen and protect the Affordable Care Act.

    Sad and frustrated hispanic teenager sitting on stairs and holding his head. Anxiety and depression in adolescence concept.

    Improve access to mental healthcare services especially in rural areas and for youth.

    LGBTQ Issues

    Codify protections for employment, marriage, non-discrimination, and equal protection for LGBTQ people

    LGBTQ Issues

    Protect the dignity, safety, rights, and freedoms of the Transgender community.


    I support an immediate path to citizenship for DACA recipients.

    immigration board line

    We need an immigration system that works not only for those trying to immigrate here but for our economy as well.


    I support the US Citizenship Act of 2021 which would address the undocumented workers our economy depends on.

    Opioid Epidemic

    We need proven community-based solutions to the fentanyl crisis, not excuses and grandstanding.


    More funding for proven youth prevention programs.

    Naloxone Kit distributed by healthcare professionals to users to help combat opioid crisis in case of overdose.

    We must invest in harm reduction if we want to reduce overdose deaths.

    Gun Reform

    In light of the continued gun violence that continues to plague our communities at an alarming rate it has become clear that there is more that needs to be done.  We must be willing to take action now.  We must pass the universal background checks bill currently waiting for approval in the Senate.  In addition I support the other reforms requested by President Biden.


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    November 1st Virtual Town Hall

    Zoom - Virtual

    Our last virtual town hall is on November 1st, 6:30-8 pm! This is a chance to meet the Democratic Nominee to the United States Senate, David Roth. He will answer...

    Media Coverage

    Endorsement Alert!The Idaho Statesman Endorses David in the U.S. Senate Race

    And Roth has something that Crapo long ago left behind: a deep connection to Idaho and the lives of its everyday citizens.

    560,000 jobs added. 3.4% unemployment. The lowest since 1969. President Biden has been our most accomplished and successful president in the past 60 years. So proud to be a supporter.

    It’s time to restore fairness and balance to our property tax system.

    Idaho Democrats support reindexing the homeowner’s exemption to rise with market values.

    22 days into 2023 and already 33 mass shootings in this country. Thoughts and prayers do not appear to be working. Is there a plan B? Or are we good with just continuing on this course?

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    David Roth For Idaho - US Senate Nominee

    2 weeks 1 day ago

    Sometimes you just need a banana split.

    David Roth For Idaho - US Senate Nominee is at Mountain America Center.

    2 weeks 2 days ago

    Honored to join this group of fine people at the Martin Luther King Jr Banquet. Marvin Lewis former Cincinnati Bengals head coach as the keynote

    David Roth For Idaho - US Senate Nominee is at University of Antelope Valley.

    3 weeks 4 days ago

    It’s a little windy and wet here in Southern California. The people at UAV have been so awesome to work with as I start my

    David Roth For Idaho - US Senate Nominee

    3 weeks 6 days ago

    This cracks me up and is so true on the SLC airport

    David Roth For Idaho - US Senate Nominee

    3 weeks 6 days ago

    Headed to Southern CA for work for a week. I have enjoyed non-profit leadership but I am excited for this new venture.

    Meet the CandidateJoin David Roth, Nate Roberts, Mary Shea, and James Ruchti

    October 27th, 5:30 @ Main Steam Coffee and Desserts in Historic Old Town Pocatello

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